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Do you use drone footage in your videos?


Yes, we use professional drone footage in your wedding video and we don't charge extra for this service.

In what format will I receive my film?


We will deliever your finished film in a .mov file which you can easily copy (to keep safe) and burn onto a DVD as many times as you want. We also keep a copy of it in case you lose it!


Do I get the raw footage?


Your film package can be upgraded to include the raw footage.


Do I have to sign a contract?


Yes, we have a standard contract for all our clients that protects both of our rights under Canadian copyright law


Do you shoot in High Definition?


Yes, we shoot in 4k HD Video!


Can I use any music I want?


If your video is personal and not to be put online, then yes you can use your favorite song from any artist. However when you want to put your video online it has to be either purchased by the artist, or royalty free. We will help you to find the music that suits the video the most.


Do you charge for travel?


Please look at the map below for our travel cost. Contact us for details, if you dont find the location of your wedding on the map.  

When will I receive my film?

Your film(s) will be delivered to you within 4 months for your wedding day in digital format.



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