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What the hell do I blog about

Artistry, Masculinity, Feminity, consciousness, psychotherapy. All interesting stuff.

My name is Isaac.

A bit of a bush boy, child at heart trying to grow into a man. Life is beautiful and the air is clean in my forest.

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02 avr. 2021

I see you were involved with Hallmark making an Aurora Teagarden mystery, that's where I heard about you and thought I'd look up i Candy Productions......the truth being that at first I thought it had to do with Candace Cameron Bure.....( but, I learned different. Anyway, well done, I enjoy all the Hallmark movies and it's good to see Canadians involved with their production.....keep up the good work.

Scarborough, Ontario

26 mars 2022
En réponse à

im not sure I follow what you mean? I know not Aurora Teagarden mystery?

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